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Выпуск №2  |  22.01.2021  |  Издается с 1932 года

Идеальная геометрия и творчество конструктора

Высокой награды – стипендии Президента РФ – удостоены пять специалистов отдела 500. Их проект для изделий на платформе «Армата» снизил затраты на изготовление дорогостоящей технологической оснастки и улучшил качество продукции.
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Testing Center carries out a vast range of tests:

  • for the purpose intended: research tests -  to study  properties and characteristics of test units, monitoring tests (on production orders) – for production quality control, comparison tests – to compare characteristics and properties of test units under identical conditions;
  • at production engineering stages: development tests – for achievement of set values of product performance and characteristics, preliminary tests of newly developed (designed and produced) pilot samples of car-building products, acceptance tests of products arranged and carried out;
  • finished products tests: qualification tests – to assess the facility readiness for serial production of launched products (on production orders), periodic tests (on production orders) are conducted to define the production technology stability, product routine tests – to evaluate feasibility of product or its production technology design change incorporation as well as tests joined by the environment and location indicator (laboratory, bench testing), by the type of effect (mechanical, climatic, chemical composition determination), by the effect results (strength tests, with destruction of the test unit, without destruction of the test unit) etc.

The type of Testing Center production specialization refers to the subject specialization. Under subject specialization the testing center carries out a full range of bench tests of one or several car-building items or assembly units (the scope of tests in TC is determined by the testing equipment capacities). TC created the utmost process close-loop of product testing cycles.

TC is fitted out with the testing equipment and measurement facilities capable of strength static, dynamic (impact) and braking steady-state tests of all types of freight cars, materials physical & mechanical, chemical properties determination.

TC accommodates for unique bench-testing units and relevant equipment for field tests of product specimens evaluating strength and resource metrics of components and parts of freight cars.

Test Center scope of accreditation covers the most part of the range of technical facilities of the railway transportation which are subject to mandatory SSFZhT (Federal Rail Transport Certification System Standard) certification.