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Высокой награды – стипендии Президента РФ – удостоены пять специалистов отдела 500. Их проект для изделий на платформе «Армата» снизил затраты на изготовление дорогостоящей технологической оснастки и улучшил качество продукции.
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Monday, 02 February 2015 15:36

Shilov Denis Nikolaevichhas been working in the capacity of Testing Coordination and Planning Department Manager of the Testing Center of ОООUKBV (Ural Car Building Design Bureau) since August 2014. Earlierstarting from2003 Shilov Denisworked in the process engineering division10/385 rising from the process-engineer to Process Engineering Division Manager.

During his work period a big contribution was made to the development of the wheel sets shop№ 385in terms of manufacturing operations improvement and new production processes implementation of wheel sets of various designs enabling to increase the output as well as to improve the work environmentand products quality.

Implementation of the state-of-the-art process complex "NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT", Germany for production of wheel sets became one of the large-scale process projects that was launched in September 2011 chaired by the Prime Minister, Mr. V.V.Putin.

Based on 2013-2014 performance results for personal participation in providing for:

- continuous improvement of the Company economic performance based on the production and deliveries of high-quality products and services;

- development and implementation of the quality policy and establishment of strategic quality and operative goals arising thereof;

- successful functioning of QMS (Quality Management System) resulting from engagement of all the Company personnel in products and management quality improvement activities;

- establishment and keeping the contacts with all the parties interested in the Company business and making their interests concurrent with the interests of the Company in the field of quality;

Shilov Denisbecame the awardee of the contest called "Russian Quality Leader" and was granted the commemorative diploma "National Quality Organization", Moscow and the medal of honour.


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