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Высокой награды – стипендии Президента РФ – удостоены пять специалистов отдела 500. Их проект для изделий на платформе «Армата» снизил затраты на изготовление дорогостоящей технологической оснастки и улучшил качество продукции.
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Thursday, 27 November 2014 12:21

On March, 24 the President of Russia announced the signing of the decree about the revival of "Ready for labor and defense", which grew more than one generation of healthy people. Employees of the Ural Car Building Design Bureau Bulakhov Viktor Vladimirovich and Kharitonova Svetlana Valer'yevna took part in the revived project, handed over norms for their age group and received the prestigious Golden icons.

As emphasized by the participants, the complex TRP is not just a sport.  In interpretation of an abbreviation there is a word ‘work’.  It means, that developing the movement need to pay more attention to technical sports, fight laziness, to educate active social person.

The combination of sport and employment skills gives good results in Patriotic education.

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