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Tank car 
Вагон-цистерна для коксохимических и нефтехимических грузов модели 15-5181
Tank car of model 15-5157-04 to transport oil products
Вагон-цистерна для сжиженного безводного аммиака модели 15-5183
Tank car of models 15-144, 15-144-01 to transport liquefied hydrocarbon gases
Tank car of models 15-150, 15-150-01, 15-150-02, 15-150-03, 15-150-04 with the extruded slope of the boiler bottom providing for the full discharge
Tank car of model 15-150-05 to transport methanol
Tank car of models 15-156, 15-156-01, 15-156-02, 15-156-03, 15-156-04 to transport viscous oil products, equipped with steam-heated shelter
Tank car of model 15-157 to transport technical sulfuric acid
Tank car of model 15-157-01 to transport oleum
Tank car of model 15-157-02 to transport caustic soda
Tank car of model 15-588-01 to transport liquefied hydrocarbon gases
Tank car of model 15-596 to transport oil products by railways of the 1435 mm gauge
Tank car to transport oil products (with the boiler broken –line axis providing for the full discharge) of models 15-5103-01, 15-5103-02, 15-5103-05, 15-5103-06, 15-5103-07
Tank car of model 15-5157-02 to transport oil products